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We’re really passionate about our work and in promoting discussion about the issue of masculinity in today’s society. If you would be interested in hosting one of our founding trustees, Michael Boyle to give a talk in your community, or to your groups of professionals, then please get in contact with him at Full details of the talk offered below.

The Trouble with Boys is the Trouble with Men – an Introductory Presentation

We are living in very challenging times, when old values are crumbling and new ones are just barely beginning to emerge — including what it means to be an authentic man. Masculinity has become a bad word, a by- word for macho posturing, stoicism and aggression. This needs to change. But meaningful social change comes about only through the awakened consciousness of individuals and committed local action.

How do we create the dependable, liberated, and highly evolved men needed in our local communities to be the compelling examples required for boys and young men to grow up to be self-assured but non-abusive?
Interspersed with relevant stories and poems and delivered in an entertaining and informative style by founding trustee, Michael Boyle, The Trouble with Boys is the Trouble with Men describes the initiatory work of abandofbrothers, outlining attempts to create both a community structure and a vehicle that supports and allows men to make a meaningful difference in the lives of local youth.

Timings and form can vary between a 1 hour presentation to a full one-day interactive workshop.
Themes include:

  • The Roots of Violence
  • Rites of Passage
  • Emotional Rescue
  • The Hero’s Journey
  • A Young Man’s 3 Key Questions
  • The Invisible Father
  • Creating Community

If you are interested in booking this presentation or would like to talk about an introductory workshop, contact us.

If you have a particular preferred date, please contact us as much in advance as possible.

Some recent feedback for “The Trouble With Boys is the Trouble with Men”:
“It was so refreshing to find such a unique and open minded approach.”

“Extremely useful, a relevant, well delivered and informative experience.”

“Very good delivery of ideas & principles and lots of challenging thought provoking points around the development of young men in our society.”

“Michael is engaging and truly inspirational.  He highlighted a number of key issues facing young men today and provoked very interesting discussion in the group.”

“ Very exciting and interesting way of working with young people through the rites of passage model of working.  Felt positive, energised and a little awestruck by this innovative way of working.”

“Michael obviously has vast experience and shared some deep insights that opened up a whole new perspective for me.”

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