Maxwell Betts

Community Conductor

Prior to joining abob I was a builder and for a while an estate agent. Nearly 4 years ago I heard about abob through my son’s step-father. He didn’t say much about it but I knew that he’d been a mentor and I trusted his opinion when he said “it will be right up your street”.

I did my initial ROP weekend which initially brought up a lot of fear for me. However, the outcome was profound. And when I found out I could come back and staff the experience for others I was back within a month!

Even though I’d done nearly 30 years of personal development work there was something about being involved in a greater act of service that allowed me to get out of the way and begin to discover the real me.

I also became aware of young men in our community that I wasn’t aware of before and learnt more about their needs. I subsequently returned to my home town of Bournemouth in 2019 determined to set up an ABoB Community.

I was recently elected as Conductor by the other Pioneer men in Bournemouth and I’m really looking forward to supporting local young men and making a difference in our community.