Phil Howes

James Wong

Phil Howes, 73, retired Head of Children’s Services, mentor Eastbourne   How did you know about abob? I made a friend in Eastbourne who was part of abob. Funnily enough, I thought that the abob programme would be perfect for me as a retired Head of Children’s Services. I’d been involved in social services for over 40 years. I thought … Read More

Pete Dobson

James Wong

Pete Dobson, 56, Engagement Officer for Probation, Brighton.   How did you know about abob? I joined the CRC as a volunteer peer mentor in 2017 because I’d been in prison myself. Then stated as a Case Support Worker in Jan 2018. Before lockdown I used to run a One Stop Shop for Service Users, where they could engage with … Read More

Cllr Steve Wallis, Mayor of Eastbourne (2019, 2020)

James Wong

Cllr Steve Wallis, Mayor of Eastbourne, mentor   How did you know about Abob? I’d only been the Mayor of Eastbourne for a month when I was invited to speak at a Homecoming in June 2019, up to then I didn’t know abob existed. I was intrigued when I heard what experiences young men had had on abob weekends and … Read More

Izzi Polehampton

James Wong

Izzi Polehampton, 49, carpenter, Falmouth, Cornwall     How long have you been in abob? This is my fifth year. I found out about abob from a friend that I used to go to a spa with, that is the pool and sauna we used to go to. He talked to me about abob in terms of being the right … Read More

Keith Lesser

James Wong

Keith Lesser, 36, Penzance   How did you know about abob? I was in a Fatherhood Support group in Cornwall called Remembering our Roots which was a big deal for me in the first place. I have mental health issues but I never imagined myself in a Fatherhood support group. Anyway, it did prepare me for abob and James who … Read More

Patrick Tumilty

Andy Clark

I completed my ABoB Beyond the Hero weekend in early 2019, having first read about the charity’s work in The Guardian. The weekend was a challenging, energizing and powerful experience for me. Since then, I have been part of the ABoB community here in Bristol, where I live and work. After completing my training, I have mentored as part of … Read More

Nick Carling

Andy Clark

My name is Nick and I started volunteering with ABOB in Feb 2017. My Rites of Passage weekend was one of the most impactful experiences of my life. It offered me a new way of relating to myself and others and many areas of my life have become more fulfilling as a result. I have enjoyed ‘being a man of … Read More

Nigel Lynch


I joined abandofbrothers in 2017 during the early years for the Cornwall community. I’m 55 and have lived in Cornwall for 10 years. I have some land with beautiful views and occasional wild winds where we host aBoB events and training and where I’m building a life and home for my family: partner Becky and 4 year-old stepson Frax. I’m … Read More

Tom Ingall


Tom Ingall, Farmer, Leamington Circle I’m a farmer working on a farm where I manage the land and build and make things from wood mainly for a living. What is your motivation for being a part of A Band of Brothers in Leamington? I was motivated to get involved with ABOB after hearing about it from a dear friend who … Read More

Royston John


John Royston

John Royston, father of 5, business coach/mentor at Centre for Mentoring and Coaching; CEO of National Coalition-Building Institute. What made you wake up in terms of who you are as a man and a black man? I went to a Prime Minister Diversity Challenge workshop run by NCBI at Russell Square in 2001. The question was asked ‘stand if you … Read More