Anthony Hearn

James Wong

Anthony Hearn is a Mentor, Counselor, and Organizational Development Consultant based in Buckinghamshire, England. As a certified leader and trainer with the UK-based charity abandofbrothers, he has participated in over 50 initiatory experiences for men and participated in the development of multiple new communities. He is an Organisational Development Consultant for the US Based Charity All Kings who create communities … Read More

John Holmstrom


I’m the very proud and often frustrated father of four young adult children (and recently a grandfather!).  I have worked in the homelessness sector for nearly 40 years, the last 9 as   CEO for Turning Tides, a West Sussex based charity. Under my leadership Turning Tides has grown from 50 to 70 staff with an increase from 70 to 300 … Read More

Dave Bevan

Andy Clark

I joined ABOB in 2019, and it has since become my community and my home. When I joined, I found it hard to trust other men, and I didn’t even realise how much I longed for brothers, to support and be supported by men who could be both vulnerable and strong together. I passionately believe that everyone, no matter what … Read More

Ben Phillips


I’m a man wanting to utilise every skill I have and my wealth of experience to make a difference in all spheres of my life – as a husband, a father, an employee, a friend, and an active member of communities (e.g. geographic, church, and ABandOfBrothers charity).  I have a passion for creating nourishing spaces where people can flourish and become … Read More

Jonathan Foxton


I hail from Yorkshire and have been a builder for the past 25 years. I am the proud father to 2 children and have been involved with abandofbrothers since 2013. I’ve gained a huge amount from my own journey with the organisation, allowing my passion for grass roots work in the community to really come to the fore. In more … Read More

Richard Good

James Wong

Richard Good, 58, works for Eden International, Cornwall abob   How did you know about abob? I met Thurstan Crockett who was doing one of our courses at Eden and I instantly had a strong connection with him. I am known for building fires at Eden, few people build one for me and Thurstan did. I was moved that he’d … Read More

Phil Howes, retired Head of Children’s Service

James Wong

Phil Howes, 73, retired Head of Children’s Services, mentor Eastbourne    How did you know about abob? I made a friend in Eastbourne who was part of abob. Funnily enough, I thought that the abob programme would be perfect for me as a retired Head of Children’s Services. I’d been involved in social services for over 40 years. I thought … Read More

Pete Dobson, Probation Officer

James Wong

Pete Dobson, 56, Engagement Officer for Probation, Brighton.   How did you know about abob? I joined the CRC as a volunteer peer mentor in 2017 because I’d been in prison myself. Then started as a Case Support Worker in Jan 2018. Before lockdown I used to run a One Stop Shop for Service Users, where they could engage with … Read More

Cllr Steve Wallis

James Wong

About Steve I was first introduced to A Band of Brothers during a ‘Homecoming’ in June 2019 and attended my ‘Rites of Passage’ in September 2019. I found the experience very powerful, and it helped me understand myself better. I have since trained as a mentor and find this work vitally important. It’s a privilege and honour to be elected … Read More

Izzi Polehampton

James Wong

Izzi Polehampton, 49, carpenter, Falmouth, Cornwall   How long have you been in abob? This is my fifth year. I found out about abob from a friend that I used to go to a spa with, that is the pool and sauna we used to go to. He talked to me about abob in terms of being the right place … Read More