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Chris Thomas
Chris completed his abandofbrothers rite-of-passage weekend in 2017 and was elected Conductor of ABoB Manchester in December 2019…Read more
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Our story so far

The ABOB community in Manchester was first set up in 2015 by David Ryan and David Dakin after they completed their Beyond The Hero initiation weekend. David Ryan said to CEO Nathan Roberts “we need this in the North!” and the ABOB flame travelled up to Manchester. The two Davids kept this flame alive, circling up sometimes even just the two of them, until 2017 when brothers Chris and Nick Thomas joined the community.

During the course of 2018 and 2019 efforts were made spread the message about the important work we are doing and bring more men wishing to become mentors into the community. William Barton joined and brought many good men with him. 

Now in 2020 we have a committed group of older men ready to serve. We are currently looking for a suitable site in the Manchester area to hold our own rite-of-passage weekends and plan to run our first Quest later in the year. It’s time to put the ABOB flag in the ground for the men of the North!

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Manchester Community location

The Manchester Community
The Friends Meeting House
82 Wythenshawe Rd
Manchester M23 0DJ
United Kingdom