Thank you for considering referring a young man onto the Quest programme with abandofbrothers.  

The programme will include:

  • A residential “rites of passage” weekend that will give them the opportunity to explore the life they are living and invite them to make a transition to maturity
  • Support from a mentor who will meet with them once per week (over 12 weeks) and support them in getting into work or training, stable accommodation and in building positive relationships in their existing and new social networks
  • Weekly group meetings that include working with anger, conflict resolution, finding purpose and developing emotional resilience
  • Wider community activities (e.g. workdays that contribute to the local community)

The link to make a referral is here:

For an idea of the impact, please see:

 To see some of the coverage of abandofbrothers in the media, see here.

Requirements from our partners (e.g. probation/police)

We require our partners to support the programme through:

  • Organising relevant bail / license issues so that residentials and other activities can be attended
  • Providing evaluation data where possible
  • Providing access and introductions to other partners and agencies that can offer services to young men

Eligibility for the Project

The referee must be:

  • Male
  • Aged between 18 – 25 yrs old (older candidates will be considered on merit)
  • Willing to show some level of motivation towards making changes in their lives


  • High risk of re-offending

Potentially Excluded:

  • Young men with a history of sexual offences against minors will not be able to take part in the Quest programme (for reasons of personal safety)
  • Young Men considered at high risk of serious harm will be considered (however, this will be judged on a case-by-case basis)
  • Offenders who are chaotic (or highly dependent) Class A substance abusers, or on a methadone script, are almost certainly excluded

We have a number of programmes running this Autumn for our communities in:

  • Eastbourne (6 – 8 September)
  • Brighton (13 -15 September)
  • Falmouth, Cornwall (27 – 29 September)
  • Crawley (4 – 6 October)
  • Leamington (also 4 – 6 October)
  • Hastings (11 – 13 October)
  • Bristol (25 – 27 October)
  • Oxford (8 – 10 November)

We have access to a number of prisons under the legal visits scheme and would be interested in receiving referrals for young men due for imminent release.

We are happy to visit them in prison and potentially provide a meeting at the gate.

Post Project Evaluation

The evaluation will include:

  • Number and frequency of arrests and charges
  • Number of convictions
  • Completion of programme
  • Level of engagement
  • Employment/Education status
  • Housing status
  • Emotional literacy and resilience
  • Change in attitude

The link to make a referral again is here: