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Community Conductor

Mike Crofton-Atkins
Mike has been Conductor for Brighton for 18 months… Read more here
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Our story so far

Brighton was the first abandofbrothers’ community to form. In 2009, a group of men who’d all been involved in the formative stages of abandofbrothers, took the transformational weekend offering and grounded it into a grass roots, community led initiative. These men were all passionate about men’s work, community building and creating positive social change. They included Rex Brangwyn, Andrew Drake, Jolyon Hammond, Dan Hartley and Mark Nightingale; men who are all still actively involved with the Charity to this day.

Since inception the Brighton community has grown to over 100 mentors and worked intensively with over 80 local young men.

Recent news from the Brighton Community

Brighton community location

The Brighton Community
St Lukes Prestonville
64 Old Shoreham Rd
Brighton East Sussex BN1 5DD
United Kingdom