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You can help the memory of loved ones live on by supporting the vital work we do with young men and the communities they live in.

We believe communities should be resourced to give their young men the best chance to succeed and build a good life – for them and for others.

Just a small gift in memory of a friend or relative can make a big difference.

We are grateful to everyone who chooses to donate to abandofbrothers in memory. Their support helps young men and their communities across the UK to build their futures confidently.

When my step-son died aged 23 through suicide, it left me and my family shaken and grief-stricken. And along with feeling helpless, I also felt a strong determination to do my best to stop this happening to other young men. I chose to support Abandofbrothers because I’d heard some of the young men who’d done the programme say that it had literally saved their lives and this just helped knowing that in some way I could help to stop young men dying like this.


Parent and abandofbrothers mentor

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