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Berny Auton
Berny joined abandofbrothers in 2018 looking to give something back to his community… Read more here

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Our Story So Far

abandofbrothers Oxford formed in February 2016 when a group of local men answered the call to support young men in their local community.
Following the initial training weekend, we have grown and currently have around 20 men who form the spine of what we do. We are a diverse group and come from all walks of life; from men who already work full time in the charity sector, to men with backgrounds in construction, education and medicine.

The commonality in all of us is our desire to make a tangible difference in our community and in the lives of local young men. We do this through heartfelt, honest connection, challenging ourselves to be the men, partners, fathers, sons, brothers, leaders, workers and citizens that we want to be, in a circle of men that encourages and supports one another.
As part of our work we provide a rites of passage opportunity for young men followed by 12 weeks of one to one mentoring. Once this is completed the young men will have an ongoing community to access whenever they choose.

Supported by the ABOB hub, abandofbrothers Oxford has its own committee of Coordinators who meet monthly and drive our programme of community events. As we establish ourselves more we will be updating our page with everything we are up to, so keep an eye out! For now feel free to browse our profiles to get more of a flavour of who we are.

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The Oxford Community
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