Fran Community Conductor Leamington

Fran Cabeza-West

I have been a volunteer with A Band of Brothers since 2016. Initially supporting the Oxford community and more recently establishing the community in my local town Leamington.

The outcome of attending my Rites of Passage weekend was transformational to say the least. This together with the positive changes I witnessed in the young men has maintained my passion for grass root men’s work carried out in the heart of the community.

As a result of this valued work I feel safer in the community by connecting with young men that may have previously found it difficult to connect with older male role models to support them through their challenging situations. Members of the community from all walks of life, be it support workers, the Mayor, community police officers have witnessed the positive changes in the young men’s lives and the new valued contributions they are now making to their families and friends in their immediate lives and society at large.

It continues to be an honour to walk side by side with my brothers from our local and national communities supporting the positive transformation of the lives we touch, both of the young men and those in the wider circle of all our lives.