Helen Carpenter

Fund Development Manager - Trusts

My background is in fundraising for the NSPCC where I spent 15 years working across the organisation. I started working for ABOB in 2017 and was hooked – it’s incredible to hear about the work being done here and the difference it makes to all the men involved. I am driven by the need for it.

I first heard about ABOB when I had just returned from jury service. I was filled with sorrow and anger at what I had heard about the background of the young men who were on trial. It was wonderful to hear about ABOB and the work being done here.

I feel lucky to have become involved in this charity and continue to learn about it all the time. My work involves fundraising from some of the bigger trusts and foundations, as well as working with communities across the country to identify local funding streams. Every time I speak to someone different, I learn something new.

I have lived in Hove for six years now, having moved from Lewisham. I have never stopped being excited that the sea is just down the road and that I hear gulls as I work.