Hugh Newton

I am deeply committed to encouraging all of us, including myself, to be our true eternal selves.
What does this mean to me?

This means that I seek to encourage us to know ourselves. As a child I learned how to cope in the world. I developed strategies to protect myself from hurt and pain, and strategies to be successful. These strategies became my unconscious program, a program which then ran me as an adult. If I know myself, then I know my childhood programming and conditioning. Knowing myself I can then behave out of informed adult choice rather than out of this conditioning.

I came to self-development work because I needed to heal my childhood trauma. I grew up in the Rhodesian War, which left me with numerous symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. I managed to cope with the symptoms by suppressing, ignoring and overriding them. In 1997 I came across rites of passage work, completing my own process. During this weekend I turned to face my traumatic childhood and deal with it, rather than run away from it as I had been doing. Since then I have continued my deep inner healing work, and, as I have come to know, heal and integrate myself I have sought to pass this gift onto others.

For much of my working career I have been promoting all things African. I import African musical instruments and crafts into the UK, and for many years ran a stall at festivals promoting African music. I built a Eco-Tourist Guest House (Meet Me There ) on the coast of Ghana with the intention of introducing people to traditional rural African life and community. I have now donated this beautiful guest house to a wonderful NGO called Dream Big Ghana which strives to improve life and reduce poverty in rural Africa.

Following my deep love for the Earth and its creatures I also run a program which seeks to protect turtles and other wildlife in this part of Africa (Ghana Turtles).

From 2016 to 2021 I worked as Head of Education and Training for abandofbrothers. I am deeply passionate about this work which is making a considerable contribution to the health of our society.