James Wong

Chief Development Officer, Finance Officer

James Wong currently serves as Chief Development Officer (CDO) at Abandofbrothers. He is accountable for creating sustainable fundraising avenues and revenue streams in realising Abandofbrothers’ mission.

James believes in laying down healthy foundations for our future generations. After many years of feeling frustration and desperation in his efforts, he has found new hope, meaning and personal potency by coming together in community to share the responsibility of supporting some of the most troubled young men in our society.

Building on successful careers in Hospitality Management, Landscape Gardening and as a Therapeutic Counsellor; James joined Abandofbrothers in 2014.

He has since served his apprenticeship as a Mentor to young men, a Community Project Leader, a Certified Weekend Rite of Passage Leader and Mentor, National Council Representative and Regional CEO.

In his current role as CDO and working closely with Conroy and Dan; James’ passion for storytelling, entrepreneurial thinking and ability to operationalise ideas into action serve to help synergise our programmes, people and finances.

James, a great listener, is adept at understanding our partners and developing relationships around shared objectives. From our volunteer membership and supporter base through to our wealthy individual donors and trust funders, James is committed to building enduring partnerships that are sustainable and fulfiling for everyone.

Like many of our beneficiaries, James has an offending history.

“As an impressionable lad in my mid-teens, dabbling in shoplifting and influenced by some older lads, I found myself involved in a burglary without really fully realising the gravity of my actions – it just seemed like an adventure I wanted to be part of. Luckily for me, the look of grief on my father’s face in court was enough to steer me away from any further criminal involvement. I also went to work abroad aged 19, which turned out to be a much healthier way for me to slate my thirst for adventure.”

Sussex born, James lives with his wife Zoe and teenage children. He enjoys walking the South Downs with friends and family, and if the wind is right, he’ll be attempting to reach new heights paragliding (still adventurous!), telling the tale to anyone who’ll listen.