Mary D’Arcy


For more than 30 years, Mary has worked in public service. In the Criminal Justice System as a Probation and Chief Officer, and in Local Government as a Director and Executive Director.

Mary is passionate about enabling individuals to make changes in their lives and in supporting communities to be resilient.  She strongly believes that change cannot be forced, understanding the hopes, fears and strengths of individuals and communities requires patience and generosity.

Mary is passionate about promoting social justice, addressing structural inequality, and embracing diversity, equality and inclusion, with the aim of reducing the harm and violence that so many people and communities experience.

Mary first encountered ABOB when the charity was in its fledgling years and was drawn to the ambition to value and enable by listening and by doing, and the investment in the lives of damaged young men, in order to bring hope and help to enable them to take those sometimes difficult steps towards maturity.