Michael Hyltoft


Originally from Denmark, Michael was moved to Portsmouth, UK in 2000 by his employer IBM, supposed to be here for 2 years, and is now fully settled as a UK national, living in the countryside of Hampshire with his three lovely daughters. He first became involved with abandofbrothers in 2020, as a member of the Portsmouth community, but due to Covid could only do his Rite of Passage weekend in 2022. He has mentored several young men in the Portsmouth area and continues to so and support the local Portsmouth community. He has staffed weekends and became a trustee in 2022.

Michael has worked as a Transformation Director for several large well known international corporations, with a special focus on how you get people to change behaviour in a professional setting. He also sits on the board of several companies, where he is heavily involved in the strategic development and success. In his spare time, he studies psychology and gives training in why people generally dislike change, and how personal change can be more successful for the individual.

Michael brings lots of corporate knowledge, not least how to ensure good governance, and can mix this with his knowledge of expanding companies, and how to support them to develop in a suitable way. And as an active member in one of the communities, he will be able to support translating the strategy into actionable activities. He is proud to offer his time to both serve his local community and the national growth of abandofbrothers in the coming years.