Steve Calder


Steve grew up in a working-class family in east London, Steve’s experiences growing up instilled a sense of justice and a deep-rooted belief that given the right choices and opportunities people can turn their lives around.

For the last 18 years, Steve has worked within the Probation Service holding frontline positions driven by the desire to help others move away from an offending lifestyle underpinned by the belief

“…but for a twist of fate I could be sitting the other side of the table”.

Steve has progressed in Probation and now heads up a Probation Delivery unit.  It was whilst working in London Probation that he became aware of Abandofbrothers and was invited to attend a rite of passage weekend in June 2019 and was blown away by the gold that weekend held.

“ in my nearly twenty years of working in the criminal justice system, I have never seen such an impactful and inclusive intervention”

Steve has remained involved with Abandofbrothers since and regularly staffs weekends.

As a trustee Steve’s wish is to step up in service and bring this deep respect to the work of Abandofbrothers, along with his extensive experience of working with men involved in the criminal justice system. In particular, Steve hopes to leverage his experience of the inner workings of the Criminal Justice System to assist the charity in its goal of growth and bringing this work to more men and allowing them to break the cycles of offending.