Tom Ingall

Tom Ingall, Farmer, Leamington Circle

I’m a farmer working on a farm where I manage the land and build and make things from wood mainly for a living.

What is your motivation for being a part of A Band of Brothers in Leamington?

I was motivated to get involved with ABOB after hearing about it from a dear friend who had been involved with it pretty much from the start. Initially, I was motivated by it selfishly from a point of view of wanting to go deeper into my own work as a man, to be more authentic as a man and to have more authentic relationships with the men around me.

It quite quickly became apparent when I made those initial steps that this was an opportunity and that this was an organisation that was going to be able to help me channel my own work into a contribution within society to those younger men that are lost, to an extent, in their own way. And that I could give back, I can be involved in a healing process and I can help to make my community, the wider society a safer place for my children, for my family but also for those people around me and those younger men.