Abob CEO, Nathan Roberts in the Guardian on the prison crisis.

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The Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ section invited Abob’s CEO, Nathan Roberts, to write about why the prison crisis is happening. Nathan explains: “Young men don’t mature psychologically until their mid-20s. Condemning so many to the toxic environment of our jails is a recipe for re-offending and suicide” in a very strong piece.

abob on the World Service

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Mentee Chris Smith and mentor Darren Macdonald were interviewed on this recent BBC World Service programme on Waithood about delaying adulthood. Chris, once again, brings his radical honesty, vulnerability and grace to the airwaves. Check them out at 18:14 The Compass – Caught in Waithood – BBC World Service

abob Mentee Tells His Extraordinary Story

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  Kyren Barrett tells the Crawley News his story. From being a repeatedly violent offender to an aspiring youth worker. Transformation is possible. This is a young man who has spent 8 years in prison. And now thanks to abob, he has found a sense of purpose. Former Thomas Bennett pupil who used to earn money beating people up turning … Read More

'I found my place in a Band of Brothers'

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He has a string of convictions for violent crimes and was released from jail for the fourth time in January. With this in mind, it would be easy to assume that Chris Smith is not a role model for other young men in Crawley. But the 23-year-old has under-gone a remarkable transformation. The individuals who finally got through to him … Read More